The benefits of GRP Grating flooring over Steel Grating

GRP Grating

One of the most important aspects of flooring is its safety. Companies require flooring to be safe in all aspects to adhere to safety legislation, factories, hospitals, supermarkets and other bigger projects need there flooring to be safe.

In the case of construction, in particular steel works the installation of GRP grating safety flooring is in most cases considered and installed due to its oil resistance and anti slip properties as well as being a more cost effective solution than steel.

GRP grating is manufactured from glass reinforced plastic and resin which as well as making it light and easy to install also prevents it from corroding unlike steel but also giving the flooring a longer lifespan.

Metal walkways made from chequer plate or aluminum are  very dangerous when wet, not to mention the natural rust and corrosion that creeps into this product over a period of time. Well now there is a product that provides non-slip safety in any conditions without the corrosion in the form of GRP grating.

Grp grating is not only used for flooring but is also the ideal solution for drain covers, walkways, access platforms, roof walkways, and mezzanines. The grating is also available in a variety of bright colours, giving you options for visibility and aesthetics.

GRP Grating is perfectly suited to sensitive environments, thanks to its ability to dissipate static electricity, as well as its non-sparking properties. Static dissipation is very important in underground and offshore locations, GRP grating is also ideal in gaseous environments due to its non-sparking properties, as it will not spark if tools are accidentally dropped – which is a potentially dangerous hazard on steel flooring.

GRP Grating

GRP grating, has an integrally bonded gritted top surface, this has achieved some of the highest levels of slip resistance ever recorded for a walking surface. GRP is 50% safer than steel grating and 70% safer than chequer plate for slip resistance. This degree of safety is crucial for health and safety conscious workplaces, such as mine sites, oil rigs and factories.

Our team understand that health and safety at work is an integral part of any business, we offer free site surveys and quotations. If you are interested in any of our GRP products please call us on 01695 680010 for details or visit our company website at

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