Safety flooring – Grp Gratings and Floor coatings

GRP Gratings

Keep yourself and your employee’s safe with anti-slip flooring. Our Anti slip flooring comes in a range of different options one of which is GRP gratings so that you can choose the most suitable and practical one for your requirements with this chosen, you can keep everyone safe from slips and accidents.

Anti slip flooring is useful in a number of different situations and locations, such as for example in industrial areas, public access locations, and commercial areas. These are all areas where there are many people walking around who need to be safe from falls.

If you are in charge of one of these types of locations particularly from an health and safety point of view, you need to make sure that you will not be liable if an accident should occur on your premises. By installing an anti-slip flooring solution such as grp grating you are keeping your rights safe, as well as the health of your workers or the public.

Because every space is different, there is a range of safety flooring options for you to choose from. Popular choices are the grating or the resin floor coating. There are many different types on offer to suit your needs meaning that you can keep people safe but within your budget.

Most companies have anti slip flooring in place nowadays as part of their health and safety policies. We at Captrad can advise you on the safety flooring you may require providing technical help, free quotations on the projected price of your safety flooring needs we can also arrange to take surveys of your site and arrange installation if required.

This means we can have every base covered when it comes to giving you the highest quality service and the safest floors.

The gratings come in standard sizes which are designed for most regular spaces, or it can be made to order so that it will fit your particular area. The flooring can also be made so that you can fit it yourself just how you want it to your particular project requirements. With all these options, buying safety flooring for your business is very quick and simple, while at the same time having an important long term use for your location.

There are all kinds of coatings also available to you including floor solutions, and types of grating. For floor coating, you can choose types which are particularly weather resistant, or wear and tear resistant, so even though they have been treading on often they will still keep walkers safe. These include stair treads and landing covers.

GRP Grating

Coatings can be made from resin, and come in different designs to suit the conditions of whichever floor you are coating or you can choose grp gratings. The resin coatings are designed with a hard wearing quality finishes. Floor grating is engineered to resist corrosion so it is another viable long-term solution.

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