GRP Cabinet and GRP Kiosks – Housing all your requirements in one

GRP Cabinets and GRP Kiosks are excellent where people need a storage location or require an electrical housing unit then they should really consider purchasing GRP cabinets and GRP Kiosks. Captrad has a full range of Moulded GRP kiosks and cabinets that can be supplied off the shelf – they are produced in standard designs and are aesthetically pleasing thus adapting to the surrounding environment. All moulded grp cabinets are single skin grp which offers excellent properties against the weather and may be vandals.

Captrad also offers a bespoke GRP Kiosk service, were we can produce Kiosks and Cabinets tailored to the clients requirements. These are constructed usually from a GRP/Plywood/GRP construction and can be produced in a variety of colours and offer an anti-vandal textured finish that is extremely durable.

GRP Cabinets and GRP kiosks can also be equipped with ventilation systems, water pipes, floor heating system and cable entry points. Captrad also has on offer a wide range of door access systems thus allowing them to be used in confined spaces

Overall GRP Cabinets and GRP kiosk make an excellent choice when trying to store and protect your products from external elements

Large Green Kiosk



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