Safety Areas and GRP Grating

GRP Grating

Building entrances which make the transition from indoors to outdoors can be a prime area for accidents, many caused by slipping due to the absence of safety flooring.  This is where GRP grating can be ideal for areas such as this within building entrances or walkways due to its anti-slip properties and can also be in keeping with the aesthetic appeal of any specific area, due to the range of colours available.

As you know wet floors are a common cause of accidents, walkways, stairs, canteens are often areas which suffer a high number of slips and falls, with drink spillages in canteens for instance becoming a camouflaged slip hazard where anyone is susceptible to a fall.

Also surprisingly, a lot of shower rooms in gyms and community centres are considerably under protected. This represents possibly the biggest slip hazard, and should be protected, either with specialised non slip flooring or anti-slip GRP grating.

Whatever industry sector a business is in, or whatever customer base they serve, some form of safety flooring is paramount, even if only for the business owner’s peace of mind. But at the end of the day a company bears the responsibility to protect its staff and customers from any unnecessary risks that could cause injury throughout there working day.

GRP grating anti-slip flooring is a durable safety flooring solution which is in tile form. It is easy to install and shape to a seamless floor surface. It has become a very popular choice nowadays because of its notable qualities. One of them is its varying texture that provides an anti-slip grip. This is essential in industrial safety. It is an ideal floor design for warehouses because it can support heavy weights while retaining its spring, making it both durable as well as a comfortable floor to stand or walk on.

GRP Grating

One important factor in storing goods is the ability of this kind of GRP flooring to protect the substrate surface while allowing the floor to breathe underneath. This quality is useful when the floor surface is uneven or damaged. This allows stocks to also be protected from moisture and dampness, also this type of flooring can resist extreme temperatures and chemicals. This is of particular benefit in warehouses that stock various chemicals, diesels and oils, and where these substances often leak and spill, this type of chemical-resistant flooring is ideal.

GRP grating anti-slip flooring also requires little maintenance. It is very easy to clean with a dry or wet vacuum or with an occasional pressure washer. When deep cleaning becomes necessary, the flooring can be easily lifted. But since installation is easy as well as removal, this is not much of a job to worry about. This also makes it easy to do replacements and repairs which make GRP grating a very cost effective solution.



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