The Safety Aspects of GRP Grating

GRP Grating

The area in which you work has to look good and also welcoming to customers and visitors. The most important factor of all out of all these would be safety.

Choosing the correct industrial coatings for your flooring is perhaps the most basic step you can take towards achieving this.

Different areas of work environments place different demands from the materials used for the flooring and the work surfaces. If it is for instance a retail outlet, for example, then the driving motivation behind the flooring you choose to put down will be the appearance that you’re flooring presents and the ease with which it can be kept clean.

A factory floor, on the other hand, may call for a more industrial solution, with the processes being carried out calling for ease of fitting and durability which are able to cope with extremes of heat and cold or discharge of corrosive liquids such as oils and acids.

As well as these factors, a floor in an area which is used for heavy industrial manufacturing will have to be extremely hard-wearing, since the chances are that the people working there will be wearing heavyweight, protective footwear and it may even be that fork lift trucks are used to move heavy pieces of plant and equipment around, so strength will also be required.

Over a third of all injuries reported each year are caused as a result of a slip or trip (the most common cause of injury at work).

Within the years 2008/09, it is estimated that this type of accident cost the UK economy in the region of £800 million, through personal injury cases and time away from work.

However more often than not, these accidents are preventable.


Falling down the stairs is a very painful experience, more often than not resulting in injuries and in some instances fatalities. This is especially true as people get older. If a company has not installed an anti-slip solution such as GRP grating, then they may find themselves liable for a hefty personal injury claim, delivered by the courts.

This is why it’s important for businesses to ensure that all their stairways are safe for both staff and customers.

GRP Grating

Wet Areas

The transition from the dry comforts of an office to a wet outdoor area can often cause a slip or fall, especially if the person in question is wearing flat soled shoes. If a building has outdoors stairs, then a suitable form of slip protection is in order this is even more evident when outdoor stairs are exposed to the elements, as obviously this is a definite slip hazard. GRP grating is a very appropriate method that could be taken to reduce the risk of harm to customers or employees. GRP grating has an anti-slip service also is available in vibrant colours for visibility and is water and oil resistant, easy to install, corrosion resistant as it is made from glass reinforced plastic making it light easy to install and durable for many safety flooring applications.


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