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Captrad PMMA XT

PMMAOften its the things you dont see that make the difference like clear CAPTRAD XT sheet !

Although its the most widely used sheet product you hardly notice it, because of its sparkling clarity and ability to be formed into shapes that just blend into a store layout.

CAPTRAD XT is great for store displays, magazine shelving units or lighting controllers in the retail environment, but the best thing is that this material does its job without distracting from the products that are being displayed. When used in the sign industry, CAPTRAD XT provides long lasting UV resistant signs that just get on with the job of promoting your products, so you dont have to worry about it.



CAPTRAD XT is the brand name for extruded Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA) sheets manufactured by Captrad Plastics.

The CAPTRAD XT programme offers solutions to both indoor and outdoor applications.

CAPTRAD XT is available in clear and opal white standard products, and a wide range of colours and designs.

CAPTRAD XT sheets are produced and tested according to DIN EN ISO 7823-2.



CAPTRAD XT plastic sheets have good optical properties and a brilliant surface.

CAPTRAD XT sheets offer excellent transparency, good mechanical properties and UV resistant, have very good weathering and ageing resistance and remain colour constant for years.

High impact grades, CAPTRAD XT610, XT620, XT630, have outstanding mechanical properties and excellent impact strength.

Both CAPTRAD XT sheets and all high impact grades can be used in contact with foodstuffs, as they meet all current European food control legislation.

CAPTRAD XT sheets and the high impact grades do not contain any toxic materials or heavy metals, which may cause environmental damage or health risks. It is insoluble in water, and not subject to hazardous materials identification.

CAPTRAD XT sheets and the high impact grades are easy to recycle.