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Captrad Polycarbonate

Captrad Polycarbonate Sheets

            Polycarbonate Sheets

Security glazing, balcony glazing, machine guards, windows, canopy roofs, you name it CAPTRAD Polycarbonate (PC) does it !

Indoors or outdoors: CAPTRAD Polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable and with its excellent optical and weathering properties, its the material of choice for safety glazing. With its special features and patterns you can use CAPTRAD PC almost anywhere...

The sheet has excellent mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. So, if you work in the construction or glazing industries: make your life comfortable and use CAPTRAD PC success guaranteed !


CAPTRAD PC is the brand name for extruded Polycarbonate sheet from Captrad Plastics in accordance with: ISO 11963/DIN 16801.

The CAPTRAD PC programme offers solutions to both indoor and outdoor applications and for outdoor use we recommend CAPTRAD PC UVP, a material with 10 years warranty.

As a result of the extrusion process, Captrad Plastics can offer, in addition to the clear, opal white and brown versions, a variety of colours and patterns on request.


CAPTRAD PC sheets have excellent optical properties and a brilliant surface.

The CAPTRAD PC range contains sheets that are easy to fabricate and show exceptional performance at both low and high temperatures (range from -40°C to +135°C).  

Important benefits of CAPTRAD PC sheets are their excellent mechanical, thermal and electrical properties.

They are virtually unbreakable in normal use.

CAPTRAD PC sheets also combine the following excellent properties:

    ·         Easy to vacuum form, (pre-drying required)

    ·         Exceptional low and high temperature performance

    ·         Easy to recycle

    ·         Very high impact properties, virtually unbreakable

    ·         Normally inflammable - Building Regulations l Class B2 to DIN 4102, Part 1.

For gauges from 1.00 up to 4.00 mm Class B1 applies CAPTRAD PC UVP sheets are manufactured by co-extrusion, which means that the two UV-protection layers are integral with the base sheet. CAPTRAD PC UVP sheets are strongly recommended for external use. Even after long years of weathering exposure, CAPTRAD PC UVP sheets will maintain their clarity.