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GRP Pultrusions - Pultruded Profiles - GRP Profiles

GRP Structural Profiles produced to BS EN13706- Specifications. Large volumes of GRP Pultrusion in stock with fabrication facilities available.

GRP Pultrusions - GRP Profiles 

GRP Pultrusion and GRP Profiles are composite structures which are used in a wide range of applications, offering excellent chemical resistance, high strength and thermal values. Captrad composite structures include GRP Angle, GRP Box Section, GRP channel, I-Beam, Wide flange beam, GRP Tube, GRP Rods, Flat Bars and others etc. These pultruded grp profiles are used in a wide range of applications, offering a unique combination of chemical resistance, size stability, high strength, and thermal, electric non-conductivity. Each composite structure shape is available in a number of dimensions to suit for a variety of design and application requirements. For special uses, custom shapes are also available.

Captrad Ltd also has a full range of GRP Cable Trays and GRP Cable Ladders that can be used in a variety of environments from rail, offshore to industrial.  All our products are produced under ISO 9000 registered quality assurance systems and are all fully compliant with BS EN13706- Specifications for Pultruded Profiles.

GRP pultruded profiles are supplied from stock and we have extensive range of glass fibre reinforced structural profiles all extruded profiles are manufactured to the same high quality.

Captrads composite structures are made from glass reinforced isophthalic polyester resin with a polyester surface veil.  This combination gives excellent corrosion resistance and weatherability at an economic cost.

Composite structures made from these profiles are substantially lower in cost than stainless steel and cost competitive with hot dipped galvanised mild steel.

Pultruded GRP is also available in other resin systems upon order.

The standard BS EN 13706 - Specification for grp pultruded profiles, defines two performance grades. Our structural profiles (t > 5mm) can meet the higher performance E23 grade.

Our grp extruded profiles meet the requirement of the Drinking Water Inspectorate for use in potable water.
All of the grp pultrusion are available in variety of resins depending upon the application:

Polyester is suitable for most industrial applications.
Vinylester affords improved corrosion resistance and physical properties.
Epoxy offers superior thermal stability and corrosion resistance.
Modar improves fire performance and smoke emissions.
Phenolic maximises fire performance and is offered as an alternative to Modar


GRP Angle

GRP Angles

GRP Box Section

GRP Box Section

GRP Channel

GRP Channel 

GRP IBeams

GRP I Beams

GRP Flat Sheet

GRP Flat Bar 

GRP Kick Plate

GRP Kick Plate 

GRP ladder Rung

GRP Ladder Rung 

GRP TubesGRP Tube 

Technical data for grp pultruded profiles

The table below shows the minimum properties to comply with the two grades defined in the BS EN 13706.


 GRP pultrusion technical data


Composite Structures - GRP Fabrications


GRP Structural StairsGRP Stairs



Latest Projects

GRP Palisade Fencing | 10/04/2018

GRP Palisade Fencing produced to BS standards and customer specification. The end user specified a colour and supplied layout drawings to which we manufactured and supplied all grp fencing in panel form, thus making the installation quick, easy and cost effective saving the customer money in the long run. #grpfencing #grppalisadefencing #grpgreenfencing #captrad

GRP Platform for NWR Waterloo | 02/11/2017

Captrad have recently produced a GRP Platform for Network Rail Waterloo Station. Working along side the contractor we have been able to offer our services and recommendations with the full structure. The way we constructed the platform allowed the end user to install effectivley and effeciently saving time and money, thus proving GRP Pultruded Profiles are the way forward for any project. #grpplatforms #grphandrails #grppultrudedprofiles #grpprofiles #grpgrating Call today to obtain your quote 01695 280510 

GRP Pultruded Profiles being used on platforms | 22/09/2017

Captrad work closely with our customers to supply Network Rail solutions and products that will make their stations safer for employees. We have just installed GRP Pultruded Profiles on platforms at Waterloo Station in London.

The versatility of GRP profiles allows us to make any customer design quickly and efficiently.

GRP profiles can easily create the handrails and platforms with no 'hot works' making them an excellent product to work with. GRP Products also reduces the installation time making it a cost effective solution for any project.

This platform was installed at NWR Waterloo Station #grppultrudedprofiles #grphandrails #grpplatforms

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