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GRP Grating - Riser Shaft

GRP Riser Grating supplied cut to size along with GRP Supports. Can be installed in any Service Riser

GRP Riser Grating

GRP Riser Grating are an excellent choice for every contractor that has to work with service riser voids – the aperture left to accommodate mechanical and electrical services on various floor levels offer a major health and safety issue.    
With this in mind GRP Riser Grating are the perfect choice due to the nature of the product. They can easily be fabricated to a cutting schedule prior to delivery. And with their ease of use cutting on site is easily processed via the installers with no need of Hot Works permits

riser gratings

The use of GRP Grating offer excellent benefits when using them such as ease of installation times, the fact they weigh a fraction of metal grating two men can easily handle and fit the grp riser flooring panels without the need for any equipment other than hand tools. By using GRP Grating for riser shafts also eliminates maintenance costs as GRP has an excellent service life 10 years plus
As our GRP Riser Grating are gritted they provide an anti-slip surface that has one of the highest degrees of slip resistance. The integral gritted anti-slip top surface provides long-lasting slip resistant qualities. The material has excellent corrosion resistance, a factor which makes it a logical and cost-effective alternative to conventional steel materials.

Due the moulded aspect of the grating the installer is allowed numerous cut-outs for piping, valve access, and column penetrations can be made without the need for additional structural framing. Being of one-piece construction, the fibreglass grating performs as a plate, distributing loads throughout the fibreglass grating section and around cut-outs. Cutting access holes in the moulded fibreglass grating does not weaken the panel and does not generally require additional or costly supports

Advantages of using GRP Grating for riser voids & service risers

Non slip      Excllent corrosion resistance
Non sparking      Maintenance free
Impact resistance      UV resistant
Lightweight      Low installation costs
Non conductive      Easily fabricated on site

Design Service for Service Riser Grating 

Captrad are able to assist and advice when it comes to GRP Riser Grating. We can advise on which product is most suitable for the project. We can also supply GRP Structral Supports that can be prefabricated or cut on site to add additional supports. This is and excellent benefit when voids need to be cut out on site. Load table are attached in the PDF at the top of the page and we can offer strcutural load tables for our pultruded profiles as and when required.

 GRP Riser Grating Structural SupportsGRP Riser Grating Supports