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GRP Handrails - Key Clamp

GRP Key Clamp Modular Handrails meets the requirements of BS4592:0 2006+A1 2012 Industrial Flooring, Stairs and Handrails for General Duty (0.36kN/m)

GRP Modular Handrails

GRP Key Clamp Handrails - Kee Klamp Handrails - GRP Modular Handrails

Captrad GRP Hand Rails now offer various solutions for different situations.
All systems are designed and tested according to the relevant standards. Systems are designed to satisfy both the End User in terms of performance as well as the Contractor in terms of ease of installation and costs

We can provide:
               • Design/costing services
               • All components in kit form
               • Site supervision if required

Advantages of Captrads GRP Modular Handrail Systems:
               • Modular for ease of installation
               • Lightweight to increase tempo of installation
               • Strong enough to take load
               • Corrosion resistant
               • Thermally non conductive – performs well in subzero temperatures

All systems comprise of the following basic elements:
               • Hand rail
               • Knee rail
               • Toe plate
               • Stanchion
               • Floor fixing mechanism
               • Connectors/splice sectionsGRP Key Clamp Handrail

Using the GRP Key Clamp Modular Handrail System:

The modular handrail system is a versatile, tough and strong alternative to steel Key-Clamp type systems. The modular handrail system is based on a 50mm o/d pultruded tube, 5mm thick for real strength and toughness and joined together by a range of specifically designed grp moulded fittings to create the complete handrail system.
The tube can be quickly cut to length on-site to make the handrail stanchion, hand and knee rails with the matched pairs of moulded fittings clamping around the tube to complete all the joints. The fittings are mechanically fixed to the tube with a through bolt, or self tapping screws or rivets. For additional security the fittings can also be adhesive bonded using single or two pack adhesives

Our GRP Key Clamp Handrails can be used in a variety of applications, network rail track side and embankments, Power station, Marine and Construction Sites are to name but a few.


 Key Clamp bend

 4 way  base foot

 Handrail 90°Bend

 Handrail Cross Connector 4 Way

 Handrail Base Foot

 3 way

 key clamp

 side foot

 Handrail Tee 3 Way

 Handrail Tube

 Handrail Wall mounted Foot

stanchion tube
kick plate

Connector Tube

Stanchion Tube

Kick Plate

Please note that fixing bolts do not come with the fixing systems they have to be ordered seperatley
GRP Key Clamp Handrails