Captrad Ltd supplies a wide range of GRP Cables Trays, GRP Cable ladders, GRP Cable Troughs to Fibrestruts (Unistrut Type profiles) all of which can be supplied in various sizes. The majority of our cable trays and cable ladders are produced via the pultruded process allowing the use of different resin systems depending upon the application. It also allows Captrad to offer continuity of service not only on the product set but on the reaction to orders as well, catering from small projects to large production runs. GRP Cable Trays, GRP Cable Ladders and GRP Ducting are invaluable products and offer excellent properties: low installation costs, life span costs, strong and lightweight, excellent insulators, UV stable and can be made to any fire rating and we can even meet the London Under Ground specification.

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GRP Cable Tray

All the above cable trays are available in both 50mm and 110mm depths and in widths at 50, 100, 150, 200 & 300. Lengths are produced to a standard of 3mtr, we can adapt the length depending on the volume of cable trays required. All GRP Cable Trays can be supplied with or without click fit lids and a variety of cable tray bends, risers, tees and accessories are available upon request.

Cable Trays
GRP Cable Tray
GRP Cable Trough

Along with a full range of GRP Cable Trays, we offer a full range of GRP Cable Ladders. These are again produced in a variety of sizes and resins to accommodate any project. We have two sidewall sizes on offer 100 & 150 and these can be produced in a variety of widths from - 150, 300, 450, 600, 750 & 900. Or even bespoke sizes upon request. All our cable ladders have the accessories to suit - bends, tees, risers and reducers

As well as having a large stock of GRP Cable Systems in the UK/Europe we also have a full range of GRP Cable Trays and GRP Cable Ladders in the UAE and associated products.

GRP Cable Troughs - that are used on Network Rail Sites and Electrical Sub Stations

GRP Cable Ladders
GRP Cable Troughs
Substation Cable Trough

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