Captrad's GRP Cable Troughs are produced bespoke to customer specification. The GRP Moulded Trough is reinforced with additional structural profiles, this design and weight savings offer massive advantages over traditional concrete products.

GRP Troughs can offer in the region of 80-90% in weight-saving, thus in return, this allows more troughs to be transported and allows a quicker installation making the overall cost of the product far more beneficial. These traits of GRP troughs also have less of an impact on the environment in relation to transportation and personnel.

Captrad are able to produce a range of Moulded GRP troughs in various sizes to cater for any project. We also offer Bends, Risers and T Junctions to aid with the schematics of the cables, as we can mould bespoke solutions we can virtually cater for any project.

With the use of GRP Structural shapes, we can divide the troughs if necessary to create compartments for various uses.

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GRP Cable Trough
GRP Cable Trough
GRP Cable Trough

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