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GRP I Beams

GRP I Beams are suitable for any structural project and are available in various sizes, lengths, colours and resins, depending upon the application.

GRP I Beams enable the design and fabrication of small to large and more complex building structures to be completed quickly and economically. With numerous advantages over commonly used steel, GRP I Beams can be used in a wide range of industries such as chemical plants, food and beverage factories and water and waste facilities to name but a few. 

Our beams are supplied in 6m lengths and manufactured from glass reinforced polyester resin with E glass fibre, resulting in high load bearing capabilities that make them suitable for heavily industrial applications.

Captrad supplies a wide range of GRP Pultruded Profiles including GRP AngleGRP Box Section and GRP Channel amongst others such as Wide Flange Beam, GRP Tube, GRP Rods, Flat Bars etc. 

GRP I Beam Profile Sizes Available.

The table below shows the minimum properties to comply with the two grades defined in the BS EN 13706.

Manufacturing, Stocking and Delivering GRP Products

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