GRP Lift Pit Liners

Captrads GRP Lift Pit liners/ Catch Pits are the perfect solution to stop the ingress of water into the base of a lift, elevator shaft or any other application that may require a purpose built robust pit liner. Each Lift Pit liner is manufactured to customer requirements thus allowing us to accommodate any project, the only hindrance may be transportation other than that we can pretty much manufacture any sized pit liner. To over come this problem we can pre-assemble at our works and then laminate the pit liners insitu.

When considering your pit liner requirements please bear in mind that our GRP liner sits within the outer layer of blockwork, and features an outward facing 100mm flange on each wall which can be changed to suite your requirements, walls are usually 3-4mm, thicker can be supplied upon request.

Lift Pit liners offers the users and developers time saving during construction, they are light weight and robust.

GRP Lift Pit Liner
GRP Lift Pit Liner
GRP Lift Pit Liner

GRP Trench Liner

GRP Trench Liner

Captrad Ltd supply a wide range of GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) access products. With manufacturing facilities, fabrication plants and sales offices located throughout the UK Captrad can produce products that can suit any working environment. We supply a wide range of GRP Trenchs, Catch Pits, Ducting's and Channels that can be utilised in a variety of industries from power generation and power distribution markets to utility arenas. Captrads GRP Trench Liner dramatically reduces installation costs. Weighing less than 17 Kgs/m it eliminates the need for heavy lifting equipment and associated H & S issues, reduces the number of site staff required giving a very quick and easy installation.

Overall Captrads GRP Trench Liner / GRP Troughs and GRP Pits Liners have become a very - Cost Effective Solution.

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