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GRP Phenolic Grating

Captrad Phenolic Resins

Phenolic Resin is classified as a condensation reaction polymer. In this type of reaction, the polymer grows by combining two large molecules and releasing a third small molecule, usually water. Depending on the product formulation, either a novolac or a resole resin is produced. Novolacs are designed to incorporate a curing agent, such as hexamethylenetetramine, and are referred to as two-stage, which employees an acid catalyst. Resoles require no curing agent and because of the one component characteristics of this resin are therefore referred to as a single-stage, which employs an alkaline catalyst.

A wide range of characteristics can be designed into a phenolic resin. Reactivity, moisture content, molecule weight, pH, monomer level, viscosity, flow, lubricity and particle size all may determine the suitability of a resin for a particular application. Through the controlled selection of formulation options, manufacturing parameters, cure promoters, lubricants and other additives, our phenolic gratings are optimised to meet the requirements of the customers. Captrad uses novolac resins in our phenolic moulded gratings and resole in our phenolic pultruded gratings.

GRP Phenolic Grating

Where fire, smoke and toxic fumes are critical parameters, phenolic gratings are materials of choice.

Captrad now offers two complete systems of Phenolic Gratings:

  • Regular Strength (RS) Phenolic Moulded & Pultruded Grating Systems
  • Fire Strength (FS) Phenolic Moulded and Pultruded Grating Systems
  • (US Coast Guard Approved level 2 & Level 3)

High Fire Temperature Performance

A key feature of Captrads phenolic grp grating has the ability to withstand high temperatures, along with mechanical load with minimal deformations or creep. In other words, cured phenolic resins provide the rigidity of the product necessary to maintain structural integrity and dimensional stability even under severe conditions. For this reason, phenolic gratings are specified for demanding applications such as public safety areas to allow more time to escape in a fire.

Low Smoke & Toxic Fume Emissions

If there is a fire, phenolic resin typically generates hydrogen, hydrocarbons, water vapour and carbon dioxide when exposed to temperatures above its decomposition. In a fire situation, phenolic resins produce a relatively low amount of smoke at a relatively low level of toxicity.

Other Features

  • Excellent strength to weight ratio
  • Corrosion and Chemical Resistance
  • Low Thermal Conductivity
  • Easy Fabrications and Installations

Captrad can also manufacture GRP Phenolic Stair Treads, Phenolic Sheets, Phenolic Cable Trays/Ladders, GRP Phenolic Non-Slip Sheets that meet all of the above specifications.

Manufacturing, Stocking and Delivering GRP Products

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