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Captrad understands the importance of initial assessments and continuous communications when dealing with projects. We work with both our partners and clients to aid the development of their ideas into a practical solution for production in glass fibre reinforced plastic.


Captrad has a wealth of knowledge in the Plastics Industry and endeavours to employ the correct manufacturing techniques to ensure that the finished product is not only fit for purpose but also what the client designed.

This also ensures that the quality of the design and subsequent products are closely monitored and controlled consistently.

Pattern & Mold Making

We use traditional methods to construct master patterns and moulds in-house to clients’ specific requirements, allowing efficient use of resources and specific skill sets, resulting in quality patterns and a quick turnaround. These patterns then have finishes applied to reflect the finished quality required of the furnished product.

Manufacturing, Stocking and Delivering GRP Products

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What Our Customers Say

Here at Captrad, we are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every GRP product we provide.

Don’t believe us? here are some kind words from our clients.

We have been dealing with Captrad for over 10 years and found their products to be of an exceptional standard.

Their next day service allowed us to facilitate our customers’ needs.

Captrad helped supply the correct products efficiently, on time and at the right price.

Communications with Captrad are excellent and allowed us to schedule our onsite work with ease.

Captrad’s product knowledge and customer service are second to none.

We have been working with Captrad Ltd for over 16 years and they have provided an excellent service throughout this time.

Due to the stock levels, Captrad Composites hold we are able to have next day deliveries.